Thursday, July 27, 2006

My cat has gas!!!

When Jason and I got Baci (pronounced like the game) a few years ago, we decided that we were going to be really good parents and only feed him Iams cat Whiskas, Fancy Feast or Nine Lives for our little prince! He was going to eat the best!

About a year ago, or so, we found that Target carried the Iams cans of wet food in a multi-pack. So instead of paying $.89/can, we could buy a case of 12 for $9.99...what a bargain! Plus he got a variety of flavors...he's so spoiled! These were 6 oz cans which he gets 1/2 of each morning. Also, this food is mashed's like the consistency of pate.

So...last time we went to Target to get Baci's food, they had a new 24 pack of 3oz cans for the same price. We really didn't think that it would be any different. Iams is Iams...right? Wrong. When we opened up a can the next morning to feed him, the food looked disgusting. Not that his old food was delicious looking by any means, but this food is like gravy with chunks in it! Blech. Baci obviously felt the same way I did because he didn't even touch it the first 2 days (we feed him dry food in the afternoon, so he didn't starve).

Finally, after 3 days, he decided try it out. I don't think he likes it quite as much, because he hasn't been finishing his whole bowl, but he is eating it. he has gas! And it ain't rosy! I know that switching food on a cat can cause this, as we had issues with our old cat Dante, but you'd think that this new food has similar's the SAME brand...just a different size can!

Anyway, we have about 18 more days of this to soon as he's done with these cans, we're going to try to find his old food. Until then I guess I'll have to sleep with a gas mask on!

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