Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I feel old...

This Thursday some really good friends of ours are having their first baby! Man do I feel old! I know that I'm only 26 (so is the mother to be), but it really just doesn't seem like people my age are old enough to be having babies!

Maybe it's because I can't imagine having a baby yet...

or ever.

Anyway, I'm super excited for them, and can't wait to visit on Thursday...and most of all hold the baby!

Jason and I are going to be Uncle Jason & Aunt Jenni! Oooh! That sounds so cute!


Thomas said...

I heard on NPR this morning that "blonde is the new pink."

desiree said...

I feel your pain. My friends started at 20! TWENTY! What is that about? I'm 24 now and more just keep cropping up. Don't they understand how young we are? Could we atleast hold out for thirty?

One of my dearest friends just had a baby boy up in your area. It would be a small world indeed if you knew her too.

Thanks for stopping by. Blondes are the very absolute super best. I speak from experience :)