Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some people!

Ugh. People are really bothering me today!

I just feel like I have zero patience with dumb/inconsiderate/rude people today.

We have a professional espresso machine & grinder in my office (I know...spoiled!). And we have a lot of outside people coming in to use our office space for various meetings/events.

Well...there's one particular person who comes in quite frequently, probably 2-3 times per week. We'll call him Mr. Latte.

Everytime Mr. Latte comes in here to use our office space, he makes SUCH A RUCKUS with the espresso machine. I mean, he really goes all out...GRINDING, TAPPING, BANGING, GRINDING SOME MORE, STEAMING, FOAMING...I mean, it is literally out of control. Sometimes, if I don't see him making his way toward the espresso machine, his loud tapping actually startles me. It is just ridiculous. And again, please let me reiterate that this is 2-3 times PER WEEK!!!

So, he came in today and, as usual, headed straight for the espresso.

A few minutes later he comes up to my desk and says "Jemumblemumble, there's something wrong with the grinder". I say Jemumblemumble because I don't think he knows what my name is except that it starts with a J.

So I get up from my very important yahoo game that I'm playing (I was on lunch) and walk over to the coffee cart. I kind of mess around with it for a minute, but I am no coffee grinder mechanic and I had absolutely no idea what was wrong with it, except for the fact that it wasn't grinding.

He then proceeds to tell me that he tried everything, INCLUDING putting his grubby little fingers INTO the bean hopper!

Ok...who in their RIGHT mind puts their freakin' fingers into a coffee bean hopper!?!? (For those of you who don't know what a bean hopper's on top where the beans go in before they're ground.)

So I politely tell him that I don't know what's wrong with it and we'll have to have it looked at. Sorry...and head back to my desk.

I am not sitting down longer than 10 seconds and guess what I hear?


He's decided that my answer just wasn't sufficient and he's going to try to fix the grinder himself. IDIOT!

So I walk over and say "Can you please not run the grinder until we figure out what's wrong with it? Just running it with no beans is going to burn out the motor".

"Oh, ok" is all he says!


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Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh, I would have killed him! I would have gone so Yankee on him (as my friends in the South sometimes say to me--I'm originally from New York state)