Wednesday, August 16, 2006

There's someone in here!

Why do we say "There's someone in here" when we're in a public restroom and someone tries to come in? I've always thought it was weird...and yet I still do it!

At my office, we have a public restroom (with an access code) in the hallway that we use. You just type in the code and the door unlocks. Once you're inside it has a deadbolt that, when locked, says OCCUPIED on the outside. In BRIGHT RED!!! It's not hard to see! Plus, if it's not occupied, the door says VACANT. Again, not tough to see.

So why is that people come walking down the hall and come right up to the door, WHILE I'M IN THERE, and try to type in the code to get in! "HELLO!!! THERE'S SOMEONE IN HERE!"

I feel like such a dork saying that, but what else do you say?

"I'm in here!"

"I'm not done yet!"



Anonymous said...

In Japan, they knock on the door and if you're in there, you knock back. And if you say "someone's in here," they get all freaked out!

KJ said...

You could say something like 'Hold on, let me buzz you in'.

Sarah said...

I always just cough really loud and hope they get the if the big red occupied isn't enough! Some people...