Friday, March 30, 2007


Love: that yesterday I spent my day at a Microsoft Access class and actually learned a LOT of useful was a nice day away from the office!

Hate: that Sanjaya is STILL on American Idol. Kick him OFF already!!!

Love: that I've made TWO delicious (Weight Watchers) dinners this week which BOTH included using my new kitchen gadgets! I am such a nerd!

Hate: that I've been absolutely horrible about updating my 40 Posts of Beauty...I may have to extend it past Easter...

Love: these new granola bars...they are super chocolately and delicious! (and only 2 points!)

Love: Jenn's new blog is TOO cute!

Love: that it's Friday of course!

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Princess Extraordinaire said...

Thanks for your sweet comment about my blog - I'm glad u like it so much! I love you!