Tuesday, November 27, 2007

another sign?

So...I spent this most of this past weekend with Jason.

It was so great. It just feels right when we're together...and it's apparently visible to others.

We drove out to the coast on Saturday afternoon and stopped at this little surf shop. The owner and Jason talked about surfing and boards, etc. Well, as we were getting ready to leave the guys asks us "Have you guys been together awhile?"

We both just kind of looked at each other not really knowing how to respond, and finally Jason says "Yeah, a little over 6 years."

The surf guy responds by saying "Well, you guys look really good together. Like you belong together. You seem like a really nice girl. I wish my son would find a girl like you."

I didn't really know what to say...my eyes actually started tearing up! I mean...this guy doesn't know us or our situation and his comment couldn't have come at a more opportune time! I just smiled and kind of looked at Jason like "WTF?"

The rest of the weekend was amazing too.

So what do you think? Was it a sign? Was the song at dinner a sign? Or am I just crazy?


Michelle said...

i don't believe in "signs" necessarily, but i do believe things happen for a reason.

so you spent this weekend together for a reason. i hope everything keeps going along swimmingly. ;)

janet said...

I'm with Michelle on the signs, but that doesn't mean good things that happen shouldn't feel good! :)

I guess the question is...whatever led you apart...has it been resolved? Or will this just creep back in in a few months with the shine wears off?

Ellen said...

I always want to believe in signs, truly, I do. But sometimes they are just coincidence.

Please make sure that if you move forward with him, that what broke you two up in the first place has been resolved.

You deserve someone who will love you all-out, with everything in his soul... Someone who will swim through shark infested waters to bring you a glass of lemonade (to quote Dr. Laura). If he's that someone, don't let go. If he's not, don't settle.

Katelin said...

I definitely agree with Michelle and Janet on this one. I think things happen for a reason and then life lets you figure out what that reason is. So hopefully like what Ellen said, what broke you up has been resolved before anything big begins to happen again. And above all, don't settle either. You deserve to be happy!

Marriage-101 said...

It's a sign if you want it to be. And I would ask the same question as Janet.

Oh and HI! I'm new here.

P.S. - I'm also reading Eat Pray Love.

elysa said...

I pretty much agree with what everyone else has said. I'm glad you had a great weekend.

k said...

I agree with the masses... it is great that things are going well, but you want to make sure things are worked out before you get back together. You deserve to be happy, not to have your heart broken again.

brandy said...

Okay I'm going to be the dork who just squeals with delight over this!! So cute! I'm happy for you and hope that you have many more weekends like this!!:)