Friday, February 08, 2008


Love: that Jason is taking me out to dinner tonight for Valentine's Day.
Hate: that he won't be here next Thursday to celebrate the real day...

Love: the SUPER cute slideshow that I made for Jason with iDVD on my new Macbook!
Hate: that I can't figure out how to work my I was only able to include pics that are already on my computer.

Love: that it's Friday, of course, and that I have a girl's night planned for tomorrow!
Hate: that it's not even 1pm...4 1/2 hours left...

Love: that I have lots of plans this coming week with friends...because I'm staying at Jason's for the week and it's a LOT closer to most of my friends than my place is.
Hate: that the only reason I'm staying for the week is because Jason's going out of town and I'm cat sitting (not that I hate cat sitting...) :(

Love: that the new season of LOST has finally started!
Hate: that I'm still not caught up on last season! I pretty much missed the second half of the season...when they moved it to 10pm...I have to get up early!

Love: that I haven't pressed snooze ONCE this week! WOOT!
Hate: that I haven't pressed snooze once this week...I do NOT feel refreshed, as I was told I would.

Happy weekend!


Michelle & the City said...

i'm still catching up on last season of LOST too! it's so frusterating that new episodes are just sitting there waiting for me.

i hope you have a great time celebrating valentine's day :)

Katelin said...

AW Have a fabulous early Valentine's! :)

janet said...

love: that someone out there is doing love hate posts!
hate: because for some reason I am not (must work on that)