Monday, February 11, 2008

wedding fever...

I've got a serious case of wedding fever...and we've been engaged for less than 72 hours!

I have already registered for,, various stationery companies (so I could play around with making invitations :) ), and I even signed us up for a joint email address...something along the lines of jasonandjenni@i'

The problem is that I've been planning this dang wedding in my head for, oh, about 5 years! So, I feel like I've already got a pretty clear picture of what I it's just a matter of finding it and putting it all together.

It doesn't help that Jason is out of town and I don't have him to talk to and bounce ideas off of. I'm having dinner with my mom & sisters tonight, so I'm really excited to talk to them about ideas. We're also going to the jewelry store where Jason bought the ring to look at bands for my diamond...he just got a simple one for the time being.

I . Can't . WAIT !


Katelin said...

I love that you've changed everything to engagedness, so cute :)

k said...

you are so cute!!

there are so many awesome places to get married around here. can't wait to hear as your plans unfold!

i am so much on a wedding kick right now. which is a little scary seeing that i no where near my own future wedding.