Monday, April 21, 2008

a little nervous

Tonight is my second WW meeting and I am a little nervous.

I've been good ALL week...staying within my allowed points each day and saving all of my "extra" points for Saturday night (pizza with Jason and my sister and her new boy!). I was really proud of myself! I've usually had a hard time staying on track on the weekends, but I was very conscious this past weekend.

I packed my lunch for work today (Smart Ones enchilada, 60 calorie pudding, carrots & low fat ranch) and was rather excited to eat it!

Then I got an IM from a coworker reminding me that we were going out to lunch today for Administrative Assistant's Day! How could I forget??? I look forward to it EVERY year!

I was as good as I could be. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo and a salad instead of fries...and I only drank water.

I don't know why I'm stressing over it...but going to meetings and having another person actually weighing you and seeing how much you weigh makes me feel more accountable, and I would HATE to have GAINED weight my first week!

Keep you fingers crossed for me!


Only down .8...oh well...I'm sure I'll do better next week. I know I was good all week, so I'm not to stressed about it!


Katelin said...

Oh good luck! I think if I had someone weighing me I would definitely work harder too!

janet said...

good luck! I've never gone to a meeting in person but it doesn't sound fun...

Rachel said...

How did it go?! How much weight did you lose?

Mrs Pop said...

Good for you for being good! I have such a hard time in the face of temptation.

I have a hard enough time getting weighed at the doctor's office and that's only in front of one or two people, max! I don't know how you do it.

Isabel said...

Hey, I figure it's all good as long as you don't gain.

Way to stay focused on your goal!

Michelle & the City said...

the fact that you're staying with it is great! keep on keepin' on ;)

Nic said...

.8 is still a loss! You'll probably see a bigger difference next week. It's tough because bodies hold onto fat and water in different ways, you just have ebbs and flows of how it comes off, but it WILL come off.

Joy said...

Good luck!! WW is great... it's like food budgeting. What helped me to keep going was to weigh in even if I didn't think I had a good week and try my darndest to use a gain as motivation for the next week rather than an excuse not to go.

Get tips about food and shop around meetings if you have the flexibility to find one you really like.

Sometimes it helps to feel snobby about bad food, so you only use your weekly points on something you really really want, because that other stuff "isn't worth it to you, ick". :)

Again, good luck!!

Joy said...

oh... I guess I should mention that I lost 20 lbs one year at WW, stopped, had gained about 8 lbs back, and then lost another 25 lbs (so 37 total) and have kept it off. It works. It's slow. Sometimes painfully so. But, it's healthy. I'd keep going if I wasn't a broke student!

k said...

when i did ww briefly last summer i always saved all my extra points to use in one big splurge. i worked well knowing that if i ate good all week i could indulge.