Monday, May 12, 2008

big wedding news!

One major item has been checked off the wedding planning list.

We booked our venue!

We decided against our original location and went with something more budget friendly and more flexible with ending times and alcohol. Hey, what can I say, we like to party!

We will be having both the ceremony and reception at the same location...the roof of a downtown historic landmark (in my hometown). It's old and beautiful! And, has an amazing view of both water and mountains.

The ceremony will be outside on the roof deck with a backdrop of Mt. Rainier and the reception will immediately follow in the ballroom adjacent to the deck...the ballroom actually looks out onto the deck.

Once the ceremony is over, the deck will be reset with cocktail tables that will be adorned with candles and s'mores burners...which, by the way, I have found online for only $6.99 each! What a steal! I think we'll also string lights from the railing and have candles here and there.

Our reception doesn't have to end until 11:30 here, which means that we will get to enjoy a little candlelight! And, I can have my signature cocktail!!! The venue offers beverage packages for unlimited drinks for 4 hours (beer, wine, hard, sodas, etc.) for a flat rate!

It wasn't our first choice, and we actually considered not even touring, but I'm so glad we did! I think that it will be perfect!


janet said...

sounds perfect! I love the flat rate bar idea. We did the same thing, and it helped keep me from worrying about paying for drinks that people would forget about/drink one sip of and leave behind/etc. Peace of mind!

Rachel said...

That sound awesome and the flat rate bar is a great idea! I can't wait to one day plan my wedding.

Katelin said...

oh that sounds like a perfect place for a wedding. congrats! :)

emily said...

Hooray! What a big thing to check off the list. Good job!

jessica maria said...

congrats! sounds awesome!!!

E said...

ooh will you tell me where you found the s'mores burners? I would love to do something similar!

disa said...

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