Friday, June 13, 2008


Love: that we actually had some SUN yesterday and it's supposed to be nice this weekend! Is summer actually here? I won't hold my breath.

Hate: that it now costs me $50 to fill up my gas tank...when I bought my car (7 years ago) it cost about $18!
Love: water aerobics! I went for the first time last Saturday morning and it was such a great workout...I was seriously sore. And we're going again tomorrow morning!

Hate: that I gained .2 lbs this week at my WW weigh in! Ugh! I thought I had been SO good!

Love: even though I gained, I bought 3 pairs of pants last a NEW SIZE!!!

Hate: that I'm still kind of in between old pants are loose, but my new ones are a little snug.

Love: that last Friday I got to hang out with the fabulous Janet & Isabel. And yes, they are just as smart, funny and gorgeous in real life as they are online...maybe even more so!

Happy Friday!


k said...

i'm so excited about the sun! i'm trying to soak it all up this weekend: skateboarding on alki tonight, a hike tomorrow, and a bike ride on sunday. i'm still no convinced that it is here to stay.

Isabel said...

I've heard rumor of sun...but I am not seeing enough of it. DANG IT.

Also, SO fun to hang out with you and Janet last week. So fun!

(Hooray for the smaller jeans. You keep rocking it!)

Rachel said...

I'm starting back to WW tomorrow...You'll have to help me stay motivated! :)

Katelin said...

aw i love that picture, you girls are so cute! :)