Friday, June 20, 2008


Love: it's OFFICIALLY summer today!!!

Love: that it's actually going to be summer weather here today...almost 80!

Hate: that the forecast is calling for rain on Sunday.

Love: that I have dinner plans with friends tonight!

Love: playing cribbage...we've been playing at least one round each night (I know, we're old fuddy duddies).

Hate: that my cell phone only holds a charge for a 10 minute conversation...then it dies! Damn LG Chocolate.

Love: that I get a new cell phone in less than a month.

Hate: that Verizon won't let me upgrade early! I seriously can not use my phone to talk on...only text.

Love: that it's Friday...OBVIOUSLY!!!

Happy Friday!


Katelin said...

yay for summer and fridays!

happy weekend :)

janet said...

love: cribbage too!

hate: hubby doesn't know how to play, I only play with my dad but he lives 2,000 miles away

k said...

i am loving this new streak of nice weather!!!!!!!!!

Playful Professional said...

Cribbage is definitely one of my favorites. I only play with my family but still love it.