Thursday, August 21, 2008

another busy weekend

This summer has been so busy...we've pretty much had plans every single weekend!  This weekend is no different with plans to see the AMAZINGLY TALENTED Jack Johnson at the Gorge in eastern Washington.  The concert is tomorrow night and we have plans to camp over at Sun Lakes for the rest of the weekend.  

For those of you who are not from the Seattle area, which is probably most of you, eastern Washington is like the Palm Springs of Washington (except in the winter).  It's HOT and, for the most part, very dry in the summer.  I seriously can't wait!  This will be one of most relaxing weekends thus far this summer...with an itinerary of listening to great music, enjoying the sun, swimming in a lake and generally having fun!

My sister and her boyfriend are joining us which is exciting because we haven't been camping together since we were kids!


In other news, my friend K's wedding was SO much fun last weekend.  I will post a recap with pictures sometime next week.


I'll leave you with a picture that just exudes summer!  I took at it at Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula last weekend.  I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed with my photography skills...

P.S.  I did edit it a little in iphoto (antiqued & blurred the edges).


k said...

I'm headed to eastern Washington too - out to Chelan - meeting up with friends who are seeing Jack too.

I've always wanted to go out to Sun Lakes to see the Dry Falls (I actually think I posted about it in a to-do list post before!).

Love the pic from last weekend too!

Katelin said...

oh have a great time at jack, i've always wanted to see him in concert!

Jenna said...

I work at the winery right next to the Gorge. Jack stayed at the hotel, and he had peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches room serviced to his room. I thought that was cute ;)

Ally said...

oh i lovvvvve jack johnson! i too have always wanted to see him in concert. have so much fun!

ps. i just found your blog - and how exciting that you are planning your wedding! i had so much fun planning mine 3 years ago - can't wait to read as the details get worked out :)