Friday, August 08, 2008

crunch time

Today is exactly ONE year before our wedding date.  Aah!  I can't believe we've been engaged for 6 months already!  It's flown by...and I'm sure the next 12 months will be gone in the blink of an eye.

While we do have the venue booked, which is probably one of the biggest items, we still have a TON of stuff left to figure out.  

So, stay tuned for lots more wedding planning, weight loss results and random bits of craziness.

Have a great weekend!  I'm off to Whistler, BC!


jessica maria said...

it's our pre-anniversary too :) yayayayay! date twinnies.

and i have a venue + dress, but that's it!

Rachel said...

So fun!! I love planning for my wedding. It's great! Hope you are having fun too!

Katelin said...

woo woo! that's so exciting. and i have a feeling you'll do splendid planning :)

Lindsay said...

found u on 20smthng! Just wanted to say congrats on ur engagement and Happy Planning!!!