Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a tale of 2 pair of shoes

When I first started researching photography, I found this picture and fell in love. I decided 3 things:

(I'm sorry I can't remember where I found this pic)

1. I wanted a pic just like this.

2. I HAD to find pink satin shoes.

3. Jason was going to wear argyle socks...like it or not.

Well, back in February I found my shoes. At Kohl's of all places...and yes, I will be rockin' Candie's at my wedding.

My bridesmaids will be wearing the same shoes, but in black.

How cute are they?

My only problem is that I do not do HIGH heels well. 2-3” is about as high as I can comfortably do.

These shoes have 4” heels…

So, I have decided that I will only wear these shoes for pics...and I will be following in the footsteps of many brides before me and wearing flips flops for the majority of my day.

I found a really cute pair of black & silver wedge flip flops at Target with rhinestones on the straps – not that anyone is really going to see them, but rhinestones are always a good thing – especially at such a formal event! J

My seamstress is hemming my dress to the flip flops, but it will be a long enough hem that the pink shoes won’t look stupid – in fact it will be just the right length for a little pink to peek out from under my dress!

And no, I wont’ be subjecting my bridesmaids to wearing these ankle breakers all day either…I’ll be giving them some comfy flip flops to change into after the ceremony.

Anyone else hiding flip flops under their dress?


Rachel H. said...

I wore flip flops for the reception, and it was the best decision, because I was able to really have a good time and enjoy myself! :)

Katelin said...

i am definitely planning on rocking flip flops or flats for my wedding so you are definitely not alone there. and i definitely love that picture idea too. so fun.

Jenny GG said...

lady, these shoes are the shizz!!!!!!!

i CAN NOT wait to photograph these (and you!)

emily said...

I wore flip flops. White for the wedding and black patent for the reception. I had two dresses so it made sense to change. I mean, at the time it did. None of it really makes sense NOW. Oh well. :)

Love the pink shoes!

Theresa said...

Nice picture.!! Your bridesmaids are really very lucky. I heart those cute shoes. I will try to get a pair on my next Kohl's visit.