Friday, September 25, 2009

peek a boo

After spending the morning getting all pretty, we had our "first look". We decided to forgo the traditional first look down the aisle so that we would have plenty of time for pictures and wouldn't have to miss our cocktail hour after the ceremony.

Jason waiting patiently for me...

We did our first look in front of the marquis with our names on it. A family friend let us pose with his awesome 56 Cadillac and even took us on a drive later (more on that to come)!

The wedding party watching from across the street...

Here I come! look so handsome!!!

Do you like my shoes? :)

You look good in a tux!

We're getting married!!!

Up next: Bride & Groom Portraits


Katelin said...

aw that is so fun, i love the marquee! you guys look so happy and cute and yay. bring on more wedding pictures, i love it. i need ideas :)

Rachel H. said...

You guys are too cute!! I'm loving your photos!

Simply Solis Weddings and Events said...

I always love looking at these pictures - what an amazing day! :) BTW - I LOVE the new look of your blog!

harada57 said...

bring on more wedding pictures, i love it. i need ideas :)