Monday, September 25, 2006

Excuse me, I ordered this with no tomatoes...

I can not believe how busy I've been with my new position at work. But, I finally found a few minutes to post.

So ever since the Seahawks went to the Superbowl last year, I've really been into football. I know, I'm a total fairweather fan. But, we really haven't missed a game so far this season! Yesterday the Seahawks played the Giants and Jason and I decided that we would partake in the local pub festivities.

We tried to find a table at this trendy new sports bar over in Mill Creek (it's a much swankier part of town than where we live), but there was not one table left. So we ended up at our neighborhood 'strip mall' bar...the Cactus Moon Saloon. They have cheap beer and like 300 TV's.

Now, call me a B, but when I order food at a restaurant, I really like to get the food that I order and particularly like to have it cooked properly. Anyway, I ordered a chicken sandwich with no tomatoes. I DO NOT like tomatoes. So I get my sandwich and, low and behold, there are tomatoes on it. For those of you who don't like tomatoes, you know what I mean when I say that the food is basically ruined when the tomatoes have been on the sandwich. Tomatoes are not like onions that can easily be pulled off...tomatoes leave seeds and juice on the bread. YUCK!

I tell the waitress that I ordered my sandwich without tomatoes and she takes it back. When I get it back I see that all they did was pull the tomatoes off and there are now disgusting tomato seeds all over my sandwich...but I'm hungry, so I decide that I'll just deal with it...I mean, if I send it back again, I may end up with spit in my sandwich!

So, I pick up half of the sandwich and look at the chicken...and it's PINK! It's totally uncooked. SICK! So, we flag down the waitress again and tell her that my sandwich is basically raw and I ask if they can please just make me a new sanwich instead of just 'recooking' the chicken because I've already sent it back once and all they did was pull the tomatoes off. She was really nice about it and totally seemed like she was on my side about it.

About 10 minutes later, after Jason is COMPLETELY done eating, I get my sandwich back. And guess what? IT HAD TOMATOES ON IT!!! I almost died. At that point I just didn't care anymore, and decided not to send it back...

Anyway, I'm still alive today and didn't end up with food poisoning, but I'll definitely think twice about eating at the Cactus again. But the game was great and the Seahawks won!


Wilbur's doing great. He's SO freakin' adorable it's sickening! He's getting much more comfortable and he and Baci are pretty much best friends now. He especially likes to chase Baci's tail.

Jason is pretty much a cat magnet...Wilbur loves to snuggle up to him...even his feet!

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Janet said...

I'm in love with Wilbur!!!!!!!

Also, serving tomatoes isn't cool when you ask for no tomatoes, but serving a PINK chicken breast is just freaking off the charts!!!!!