Friday, September 01, 2006


Love: That I'm finally feeling better today...yeah!

Hate: That more than one person said "Do you think you're pregnant?" when I said that I've been feeling sick to my stomach the past few days...especially in the morning. NO...I am NOT pregnant!

Love: This video on YouTube...please watch it and try not to pee your pants!

Love: That it's a 3 day weekend and everyone in my office gets to go home at 3 instead of 5:30 today!

Love: That Jason and I are going down to my family's cabin near Mt. Rainier this weekend...I'm looking forward to getting away from the city!

Love: Justin Timberlake's performance on the VMA's last night...I CAN NOT wait for his new album to come out!

I guess I'm in good mood today...I only have one hate! :) Happy weekend everyone!

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