Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I CRAVE a new Honda CR-V...

I think the fact that I studied advertising & marketing in college has allowed me to appreciate intelligent & creative ad campaigns. On the other hand though, it causes me to analyze stupid commercials when I shouldn't.

My new favorite campaign is for the new Honda CR-V. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I'm sure you've seen one or more of their commercials. In one you hear the sound of popping corn and suddenly the car starts filling with popcorn. Another shows strawberries making their way across the screen and being shot at with chocolate...turning them into chocolate dipped strawberries...then along comes the CR-V and it gets dipped too. And my favorite is a white CR-V that's parked on the beach with a surf board leaned up against the day passes the car starts to turn red and finally someone runs up and takes the surf board which leaves a white spot on the car. They all end with the tagline "What Do You Crave?"

Well Honda, your campaign has worked, and now I want a CR-V. Well, actually I CRAVE one!

What do you crave?

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