Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yes...I am still alive

So the past month has been crazy busy and I haven't even had a chance to read blogs much less post to my own!

My friend Michelle got married on the 14th. We've been friend since high school and it's so weird to think that my friends are getting married! Her wedding was a blast. It was one of the best weddings I've ever been to. It was great to see all of my friends together in one place...

Jason and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this past weekend. Yes...5 years of DATING!!! I can't believe it's been this long. Our relationship is like a kindergartener! That's a LONG time!

To celebrate we went to see Jamie Cullum at the Paramount in Seattle. If you don't know who Jamie Cullum is I highly recommend downloading or buying a cd or two of his. His album Twentysomething is my favorite! The concert was AMAZING...one of the best I've ever seen.

Work has been super busy, but we're almost done with the property we're currently working on and then there will be a few month lull until the next one. And...I'm still really enjoying the new position, which I'm VERY happy about.

A coworker and I are planning the annual company holiday party. We started working on it (well, choosing a venue at least) in June, and now December is just around the corner and that's pretty much all we've done. We still need to come up with some sort of entertainment as well as games. Any suggestions on company party games would be MUCH appreciated.

I'm really enjoying the fall. Not only for the pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, which, by the way, I've made even better by ordering 2 pumps pumpkin spice & 1 pump cinnamon, but for fall TV! I'm SO glad that LOST is intriguing me again and I am thoroughly enjoying America's Next Top Model this season. Last week's episode was great with the Hollywood couple photo shoot. My favorites include Brooke, Caridee, and, even though she's kind of a B, I really like Melrose.

As for the kitten...Wilbur is pretty much NOT a kitten anymore. He's like almost full grown! I'm sad. I loved that when we first got him I could put him in the front pocket of a hooded sweatshirt...not anymore! He's turned into a devil...breaking pots and the plants that are in them, jumping INTO the miniblinds, getting locked in closets & bathrooms & just generally getting into trouble. But, I still love him and think he's absolutely adorable...even when he's acting like a jerk.

Anyway...that's my past month in a nutshell. I will try not to take so long to update next time.


Janet said...

Wilbur still looks (and sounds) like a kitten to me!!! It is sad that they big so fast though.

Congrats on the anniversary!!

Lindsay said...

Eff! You saw Jamie Cullum?

OH, the jealousy sets in....

I was just compiling a winter playlist and of course, Jamie came up. But I thought no one would know him.

You would SO know him! I heart you even MORE.

Congrats on the anni, darling! As one who has been there, done that with the long dating thing, I got scared at the 5 year mark. BUT. After the 5 year mark? Was our best time together. Ever.