Thursday, November 02, 2006

Me = Best Girlfriend EVER

So first I must tell you that I am currently enjoying my first gingerbread latte of the season and it is DELICIOUS!

Anyway, today is Jason's birthday...the big 30!...and I have a surprise for him. I woke up this morning and pretended like I was getting ready for work, just like any other day, and let me tell you it was HARD! Knowing that I really didn't need to be dragging my butt out of bed was killer, but I had to do it.

As soon as Jason left I ran to the grocery store and got the ingredients for carrot cake cupcakes...and my gingerbread latte of course! My plan is to surprise him at work with cupcakes and lunch...and the best part is that he has NO idea I'm doing it! I'm so excited!

Plus, I'll give him is gift tonight...but I can't say what it is until I give it to him. I know he doesn't read my blog, but just in case...


Sarah said...

That's so sweet! You ARE the best girlfriend Ever!

desiree said...

He gets a gift ON TOP OF you getting up early? Man, he is lucky.