Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas came early this year!

I am STILL recovering from the parties we went to this weekend. But I do feel like such a social butterfly.

Friday night was Jason's holiday party. It was held at his office, but they hired one of those casino groups to come in. It was SO fun. Craps is my favorite game, but I never play it for real because, hello, I don't have that kind of money!

So everyone started with $5000 and twice during the night they auctioned off an iPod nano & digital camera. Well, between the two of us, we have one of each kind of iPod. I have a shuffle & video and Jason has the nano that I got him for his birthday. So...we really didn't need another one. However, I don't have a camera. Anyway, during the first auction we were outbid...but guess who left with a new digital camera Friday night? That's right...ME! It's super nice and I LOVE it!

It's a Casio Exilim...
Jason also ended up winning a gift basket filled with all kinds of goodies, including chocolate & caramel corn...we will definitley NOT be regifting that!

Saturday night was MY company holiday party...that I've been planning with a coworker since June. It was absolutely amazing. We had it at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle. It is officially my favorite new hotel in Seattle. The colors they decorated with were black, plum & silver and we made centerpieces with 1'x1' mirrors surround in fake snow with snow covered pinecones & candles. It look great. Plus, we actually reserved 2 meeting rooms and the smaller one we made into a lounge which was really dimly lit with lots of candles & comfy furniture. It was just SO much fun & so beautiful that words can't even describe it.

Every year at my party we do a Gift Card Grab game where everyone gets a number and #1 picks an envelope first that contains a $250 gift card to somewhere, then #2 can steal or pick another envelope. So, guess who ended up getting a $250 gift card to her favorite store? That's right...ME! Target here I come!!!

The only thing about my party that wasn't so much fun, is that I did end up having one to many drinks and wasn't feeling to hot yesterday. I literally laid on the couch ALL day!

So here's a picture, courtesy of my new camera, of Jason and I Saturday night a the fabulous W Hotel!


Janet said...

okay now you are making me really really jealous. new cameras, gobs of Target money, and fabulous parties that you got to plan?!?!? can i work for your company?

my office eats lunch at Buca di Beppo. Kinda embarrassing!

desiree said...

Off topic, sorry, moving my eaudedesiree to and taking the old blog private (I won't update there anymore)