Monday, November 27, 2006

Let it SNOW!!!

I look forward to snow every winter. I'm not quite sure why...I think it's because here in the Seattle area we don't get it very often, and when we do, the city pretty much shuts down. I think the fact that I grew up in southern California without any snow also contribues.

It snowed in our neighborhood Saturday night, but a lot of that snow melted by Sunday afternoon. However, as we were grocery shopping late Sunday afternoon it started snowing again and didn't stop until late last night. We must have had close to 6"...which is A LOT for this area.

So today I got to work from home, which was great because I got to enjoy the snow, not have to drive in it and not have to take a personal day off.

Jason works probably 10-15 miles from here and he left work at 4:45pm...I just talked to him and he's not even half way home!!! I am SO glad that I don't have to be out in the mess.

Currently it's snowing everywhere except our neighborhood, but we're supposed to get 2-6 more inches tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

BTW...I realized that I never updated about Jason's birthday almost a month ago!!! He totally loved the cupcakes & lunch that brought him to work on his actual birthday and is present was an ipod nano, which he loves, of course.


I don't really have much news about Wilbur...but here's a super cute picture of us...I think the picture really speaks for itself...he's so cute I can't help but squeeze him!

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