Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ah, the joys of having a car...

About a week ago, Jason mentioned that it felt like my brakes were pulsing. I haven't noticed anything lately and told him that. However, I have been paying closer attention to my brakes when I drive since he said that.

The last few days I've noticed a sound when I brake sometimes. Kind of like a grinding sound and I could kind of feel something as I was pressing the brakes.

I told Jason this and he said to take my car to have it looked at ASAP. I also talked to my stepdad and he told me that he would do all the work for me instead of having to pay an arm and a leg to have the work done at a mechanic shop.

So I googled Meineke last night and found that they offer a FREE inspection.

Now, let me first preface the rest of this story with telling you that I had to go to my 'annual' girly doctor appointment today and was already not in a good mood (for obvious reasons).

After my appointment, I rushed to the closest Meineke to get my free inspection. I totally had in my mind that they were just going to tell me "Oh yeah, you need to get new brake pads soon". So you can imagine my surprise when they told me "You need new brakes NOW! You have no pads left and now you have metal rubbing against metal".

WONDERFUL! I ended up spending $250 on new brake pads and new rotors. I was really not a happy camper.

Oh least I have new brakes now. Hopefully I'll have a new car by the next time that this car needs new brakes.

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