Wednesday, June 13, 2007

40 Posts of Beauty: L'Oreal Sublime Glow

Well, since I never finished my 40 Posts of Beauty for lent, I've decided to start it back up and hopefully get to 40 eventually. I've been trying lots of new beauty products (they tend to cheer me up) so I have some great new products to tell you about!

And I thought it might be a nice diversion from my daily blah!

I've tried numerous (Jergen's, Dove, Olay, St. Ive's) gradual self tanning lotions and hadn't found one that I actually liked the results and smell of. I really can't stand that nasty self tanner smell.

I bought this after reading a review of it on Beauty Addict...and instantly fell in love with it. It's slightly shimmery, but not too shimmery, smells really light and pretty, and *gasp* actually makes you look tan and not orange!

And all that after just ONE application! I've even gotten compliments at work about how tan I look! Oh, FYI...I did buy it in the medium skin tone version. If you're super pale, I would recommend the fair skin tone version.

Go to Target right now and buy WILL thank me later!


wheatgerm said...

being blond must be fun.

janet said...

oooh thanks!!!!

emily said...

I'll try it, thanks! Can you use it on your face? Does it turn any part of you orange (fingernails, dry patches...anything at all? anything else make it hard to use? streaks or splotches...)

Jenni said...

Emily - I wouldn't recommend using it on your face...just because of the shimmer that's in it. I would recommend Olay Touch of Sun (either the Regenerist or Total Effects).

I also would definitely recommend washing your hands afterward (just the palms if possible) and then rub your palms with a towel. Especially the the outer bottom corner...for some reason I always seam to miss that spot! I haven't noticed orange fingernails (but I do wash my hands a million times a day, so I'm sure that wears some of it away).

I wouldn't say that it's difficult to hasn't left me streaky at all! Be careful around your feet. I always kind of rub it down almost to my sole just so it's blended well...and I also try to rub it in between my toes so it doesn't leave a noticeable line.