Sunday, July 15, 2007

27 really IS that old!

I just got home from an evening out with my sister. I was SO looking forward to a night out of dinner & drinks. Unfortunately, tonight has really made me realize JUST how old I really am!

We started off at dinner, which was totally fine...but then we went to a party being thrown by a coworker of my sisters. The guy who invited her is my age...27...but I kid you not...the MAJORITY of the people in attendance at this party were STILL in high school...or just recently graduated. WTF!!! Not only that, but the rest of the people there, except for maybe 5, were OLD...actually they were the parents of the guy throwing the party...WEIRD!

We each drank one beer and were out.

Afterward we decided to got my absolutely favorite bar here in Tacoma...E9 (Engine House 9). I love it there! I usually see so may people I haven't seen in forever...and it's really laid back and fun.

Except tonight was a different story.

I recognized 2 people...and they were both loser guys who haven't left since high school. Ugh! Everyone else was totally young, like just 21, and I realized that some of the kids there had graduated high school AFTER I graduated college!

Not only did tonight make me feel old, but today my mom and my little sister Courtney (who is 13) went shopping and we went into Hollister...for her, not me! I felt SO out of place. If you've never been in one of these stores, I would not recommend it to those over the age of, oh, say 22...if that! It was loud, dark and very strange! You could barely even see the clothes it was so dark! It's owned by Abercrombie and has a similar feel. I used to LOVE Abercrombie when I was younger, but today in Hollister I finally understood how my parents used to feel when they would take me shopping there! I actually just sat down in a big cushy leather chair and read a magazine.

I really didn't feel old until today...but UGH...what a realization!

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-R- said...

The Abercrombie stores at the Mall of America are so dark, it is really difficult to see the clothes. And they have really loud techno music. It is like being in a night club. Scary. And yes, I am old too.