Friday, August 03, 2007

ok...can I poke my eyes out now?

The past 2 days have undoubtedly been the MOST stressful days of my life.

As I previously mentioned, my sister and I are considering buying a house/condo together sometime in the next few months. Well, on Wednesday night we went to look at some condos and we found one that is perfect (well does only have 1 bathroom...but nothing's really perfect right?)!

Well, the seller needs to get out of it by the end of the month, which means that we needed to make an offer ASAP.

So yesterday we made an offer...

...and I have never felt SO overwhelmed in my entire life.

I feel like we are making the right decision, we love this place, it's super cute and we can afford it! But, here's the thing, my sister is currently in a lease that doesn't expire until January...she is supposed to call today to find out what kind of fees there are for her to break it or if she can find someone to take it over.

Also, the original plan was to wait until January to buy something, not only because of her lease, but also so that I could continue living with my parents and save more money. I've only had 1 month that I haven't had to pay needless to say I have not reached my saving goal.

In order to make this work, I am going to have to cash out some stocks that I've had since I was a kid to make the down payment...and I am SCARED TO DEATH to have nothing to fall back on. If I use all my money to make the down payment, and then am having to fork out $300 more per month that I was paying for rent, I'm not going to be able to save much every month.

And, to make my stress level EVEN higher...since I'm the older sister, I'm the one putting money down, and because I work in real estate, my sister is pretty much looking to me to make most of the decisions. Ugh!!! I know I'm almost 30, but this is a BIG decision and I am just completely on edge here!

Our offer expires at 5pm tonight, so we should be hearing back anytime now on whether they accept the offer or are going to counter-offer. Luckily I have a fun weekend planned (best friend in town & wedding to go to ), but now this is ALL I'm going to be able to think about!

I need a drink!

**Updated 4:47pm**


The deal is off. They did not accept our offer...well they actually counter-offered with their original asking price. AND my sister CAN NOT get out of her lease.

I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Now I'll be able to save more money! Woo hoo! Oh, but that means I'm still living in my mom's basement for another 6 months...

Oh least I'll be able to enjoy my weekend. Now will someone please pass me a cosmo?


janet said...

ahhhhhhhhh good luck and keep us posted. i know I will freak when/if we ever buy a place.

Making my way in PA said...

I have a firm belief that it is completely stressful to buy a house and there is no way around it. And even though it seems like you don't know how you will do it before you do something new and scary, once you get use to it, it is the best thing ever and completely doable...

Good Luck! I had ob gobs of stress when we bought our house 7 months ago and now I am so so so glad we did it.