Friday, October 19, 2007


Love: that I'm going out with my old college roommate for girl's night tonight! Should be fun...and I don't think I need to tell you how much I need a girl's night!

Hate: that today is totally dragging's not even lunchtime yet!

Love: the fall weather! We had a big storm yesterday...lots of wind & rain!

Hate: that I don't have anyone to cuddle up with anymore during these great fall storms. :(

Love: that I'm going to be moving out of my parent's house in like 2 weeks! Finally!

Hate: that I'm not moving out of my parent's house for 2 more weeks!

Love: the new blog friends I've made in the past few weeks - Michelle, Brandy, Elysa, Ellen...thanks for all the nice comments you guys! :)


Ellen said...

I noticed that your "loves" outnumber the "hates" and that is a good thing. :) I'm glad I clicked over from Emily's blog to read yours.

Here's a way to turn one of your "hates" around... During storms, you don't have to share the comfortor or have cold feet touching you and instead can watch your choice on the TV, eat what YOU want to eat, and not have to feel guilty for reading instead of listening to some story you don't care about. ;-)

Michelle said...

for the cuddling during storms you need a kitty! they always keep my feet warm :)

p.s. a blog friend of mine sent me the book "its called a breakup because its broken". if you haven't already you should buy it/check it out of the library. it made me feel a zillion times better in one night.


elysa said...

I think it's funny that you love wind & rain. I love new blogging friends as well

brandy said...

Ahh! I'm all about the fall weather too- rain and wind make me feel it's okay to wear sweatpants and 3 layers of fleece, and anything that does that for me is a good thing! Hope the two weeks goes by fast!