Thursday, December 20, 2007

martha would NOT be proud!

Today is our annual holiday cookie exchange at work, so last night I attempted to make these, because Sarah's post convinced me that they would be the perfect cookie exchange recipe!

They sound easy enough right?


First of all, let me start off by telling you that I had to be at work early this morning, so I stayed up at Jason's last night. His place is about 1/2 the distance to work as my place when I have to go in early, I usually just stay with him.

Unfortunately, being a boy who lives on his own, he does not have a mixer, food processor, or other baking necessities. So I, being the smart cookie that I am, grabbed my mixer on my way out the door yesterday morning and figured that his blender would make a great substitute for a food processor.

Um, not so much.

The first round of 'ground' cookies comes out fine and I pour them into a bowl, add the cream cheese and get out my mixer, that I was so proud of myself for remembering.

But oh no!!! Where are the beaters???

Oh, that's right, I don't keep them in the box with the mixer. I keep them in the drawer with the my house...60 miles AWAY!!!

Well, maybe I can make do with the whisk that comes with the mixer, because it just so happens to be in the box.

Now, as I'm 'whisking' my cookie crumbs & cream cheese, Jason is blending the second round of cookies. As he is blending the cookies, it starts to smell hot, but you know how blenders are. Well, he takes the lid off and low and behold the cookies have actually gotten burnt!

So we put everything away and head to Fred Meyer (kind of like a Target, but with a grocery section too) and buy ANOTHER package of oreos, a small food processor and a new mixer (with beaters). Both small appliances were only $7.99 each, so I'm not too upset about rebuying things that I already have.

Back home to finish up the first part of the cookies. Jason grinds up the rest of the cookies while I use the new mixer to 'remix' my cream cheese & cookie mixture. We gradually add more cookies, as the recipe calls for, and I keep mixing away...

Until the mixer stops.

(and no, I didn't turn it off or unplug it.)

Oh...and now the new mixer is smoking!

Are you freakin' kidding me?!?!

I actually burned out the new mixer. I guess that's what $7.99 buys you. I should've known better. Luckily the mixture was pretty much done at that point and so I just hand mixed it a little bit more and was able to combine it all.

I think that they turned out pretty good...I haven't tasted one yet, because a Cookies & Cream truffle just didn't sound very appetizing for breakfast today, but I, along with the rest of my office will be enjoying them later today.

Well, they better enjoy least they're not getting burnt Oreo crumbs!


k said...

totally sounds like my past experiences in the kitchen. the cookies sound great though - i am going to have to try to make them!

Michelle said...

oh boy. i've tried improvising with kitchen appliances and it never seems to work out. hope they taste good!

Katelin said...

that has definitely happened to me before. luckily it all turned out okay :)

brandy said...

Annnd this post clearly explains why I prefer to buy cookies for exchanges! Well done however. I admire your persistence- I bet the cookies were fantastic!

elysa said...

you should get kudos for even finishing the crazy cookie project after all that. I would have given up. How did everyone like them?