Friday, January 18, 2008

love/hate (past month update edition)

Love: my new Macbook. I bought it for myself after Christmas and I love it more every time I use it!

Hate: that I've been completely neglecting my blog. I'm sorry!

Love: that things are going really well with Jason. We've been spending a lot of time together working through things. And, we have a date on Saturday night!

Love: the diamond earrings that Jason gave me for Christmas! They're beautiful!

Hate: that I was sick for the majority of my vacation. I took a total of 5 days of vacation and when combined with holidays and weekends, I ended up having 12 days off. Well, I was sick for 4 of the 5 vacation days! Ugh!

Love: that I got to see 2 of my best friends over Christmas who live in San Diego. I hadn't seen once since August and other since October...of 2006!

Hate: that the holiday season is over.

Love: the movie Superbad. I watched it 3 times during the holiday. And yes, I laughed harder each time!

Hate: that Jason will be out of town with his family over Valentine's Day...even though I know we'll just celebrate before he leaves.

Love: Wii bowling!

Love: vanilla vodka and pineapple juice. It tastes like a pina colada! Yum!

Hate: that my little sister just turned 14! Why do I hate that you ask? Well, I was 14 when she was born...and now that she's 14 I feel SUPER old!

Love: the new season of Biggest Loser.

Love: that the new season of LOST starts in less than 2 weeks!!! CAN'T WAIT!

Hate: that I haven't been keeping up on reading my favorite blogs...I'm actually nervous to check my Google's probably going to take me all weekend to catch up!

Love: that I finally updated my blog!!!


Katelin said...

Welcome back!!!

I love your list. Vanilla vodka and pineapple juice you say? I may have to try that out.

Happy weekend! :)

AP said...
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janet said...

welcome back! don't leave us again for so long, k? :)

Michelle said...

so glad to see you back and happy! :)

brandy said...

I'm excited for Lost to come back too! And I'm going to have to try this vodka and pineapple juice creation sometime soon!