Wednesday, January 23, 2008

moment of truth or stupidity?

I am currently watching the new FOX show called "Moment of Truth".

And all I can say is OMG!

What inclines people to want to participate in this show? I honestly don't get it.

The premise of the show, if you haven't seen the previews leading up to this show or didn't watch it tonight, is that the contestant is asked VERY personal questions in front of their friends and family. After answering 5 questions (TRUTHFULLY) they get $10,000. If they want to keep going they have to answer 5 more questions (again TRUTHFULLY) to get to the next $ amount. If they answer just 1 question untruthfully, they lose everything.

Now, you're probably asking "What's so hard about answering questions truthfully?".

Well, when the questions include the following, I'll let you decide...

1. Do you think that you have delayed having children because you don't think that your wife is really your partner for life?
2. Do you really care about the starving children in Africa?
3. Do fat people really disgust you?
4. Are you in love with your girlfriend?

These people CAN NOT lie! If they do they will get the question wrong, but if they answer truthfully, and the answer is a horrible one, then they look absolutely front of America AND the people who are closest to them!

I would NEVER in a million years have any desire to be on this show.

Would you?


Anonymous said...

this makes ZERO sense. if they ask you if you love your girlfriend, and you don't, then you have two options. you say you don't, she gets mad, and you get paid. you say you do, the lie detector goes off, your girlfriend gets mad, and you don't get paid.

why would you lie AT ALL? if you lie, it beeps, and your friends and family know you were lying anyway. so why not get the money?

am I missing something? I might need to blog about this...

pink jellybaby said...

I couldn't believe it when i saw the advert for this. Just why would someone do it? It's rediculous. You just end up rich but alone, surely?

Michelle said...

i saw this show last night too and was thinking about posting soon.

wasn't it crazy?! especially when he answer YES to the reason he has delayed having children. i totally would've walked out at that point. he didn't even end up with any money and i'm sure he had to sleep on the couch!

k said...

I've seen commercials for that show and all I can say is OMG! It sounds horrible!!! C'mon, it is time to end this writers strike!!

Katelin said...

Oh man I saw the preview for this show and I would never ever go on it. It looks ridiculous and insane and basically humiliating for anyone on it.

Mrs Pop said...

My husband and I watched... The show will never make it unless they pick up the pace! Argh!

We discussed it and his price for airing our dirty laundry is $500K. My price is $1Million.

The thing is, these people must not know each other very well... I know most, if not all, of my husbands "dirty little secrets" and he knows mine. Not much could surprise us. But for that kind of money, we'd take the chance.

I think they should be hooked up to the lie detector during the show, though.