Friday, January 25, 2008

a perfect life...

The perfect outfit: has to be comfortable...plain t-shirt, slim fit hoodie, dark jeans with a slight flare, tennis shoes (not like gym shoes, but the ones that have a thin sole and look kinda retro...often made by Diesel)

The perfect meal: pasta with my own homemade meat sauce, lots of (canned) parmesan cheese & red pepper flakes, a loaf of fresh french bread & a bottle of red wine. YUM!

The perfect hangover cure: fast food...McDonald's preferrably...and a regular Mr. diet allowed when nursing a hangover!

The perfect road trip: Seattle to SoCal...along the coast...beautiful!

The perfect facial feature: a nice smile

The perfect drink: a calorie free pina colada...hey, a girl can dream right?

The perfect song: Jack Johnson - "Better Together"

The perfect sign of affection: holding hands

The perfect afternoon: not having anything important to do and hanging out...whether it be at the beach, in the city, at a park...just being able to spend time not thinking about work, responsibilities, life, etc...with the one you love of course!

The perfect vacation: somewhere tropical where you can just lay on the beach all day.

The perfect invention: cell phones

The perfect type of wedding: one with all of the people closest to you in attendance...that shows your personal style and is FUN!

The perfect album: John Mayer - "Room For Squares"...I gotta agree with you on this one Michelle!

The perfect accent: just sounds so sophisticated!

The perfect date: a beach picnic, watching the sunset, sipping on a glass of wine.

The perfect weather: a cozy thunderstorm.

The perfect party: one that all of your friends from different "friend groups" attend.

The perfect sport: Wii bowling!

The perfect thing to say: "I love you."

The perfect day of the week: Saturday...or any other day that doesn't require working!

Thanks for the post idea Michelle!


Michelle said...

ooo i so should change my perfect song now. i LOVE yours. it was so hard to pick!!

Katelin said...

I love the drive from Seattle to California, it's amazing!

Miss Jaime said...

I love this post so much! I did my own version at my blog. Hope that's OK :)

P.S. -- Wii Bowling might just be the best answer I've heard for the sports category!