Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I know there are a few fellow Seattle-ites who read this little blog.  Some, like k even comment.  Others only show up in my sitemeter stats.

Well, the time has come to delurk yourselves!  I need some help.  We're trying to find wedding/reception venues in the area that have a large enough outdoor area that we could have the reception outside if the weather permits.  

I've been scouring the internet but keep stumbling across the same places...I just know there are more places.  

We're not set on a particular location, but don't really want to go much further south than Tacoma (Olympia may be an option if we find something amazing) and not much further north of Camano Island/Stanwood area.

So...please leave comments with links (if possible) or at least the name and area of the venue.  



Mrs Pop said...

I have absolutely nothing to add... Mainly because I'm not from Seattle. ;-)

But I am leaving this comment to let you know that I've tagged you.


k said...

so i don't know if any of these places have outdoor ideas, but just some thoughts - there is some barn place (supposedly very nice) in woodinville i think. also up there - the columbia or chataeu ste michele wineries. you can rent the boat house at golden gardens park in ballard for weddings. i look on the east side - like woodinville, bothell, duvall... sorry that isn't too much help!!

Alexa said...


1. Woodmark
2. Willows Lodge
3. Kiana Lodge
4. Bell Harbor
5. Hollywood School House (Woodinville, right near Red Hook and the wineries)
6. Chateau Ste Michelle and Columbia
7.Robinswood House (Bellevue)
8.Shilshole Bay Beach Club (really pretty, especially at night)
9.Hall at Fauntleroy
10. Edgewater (has a patio for outdoor)
11. The Yacht Club on Lake Union
12. The Cove (Normandy Park, WA (you need to have a contact that lives in NP to get in)
13.DeLille Cellars (also in Woodinville and they have events there all the time)

And when all else fails check out because they have Seattle brides on there that might have some awesome suggestions!

Good luck!! :)


Alexa said...

And here's a whole list with links :)