Friday, February 22, 2008

love/hate (2 week engagedversary edition)

So, because I'm head over heels in love at the moment, I thought I'd start with the loves and leave the hates for last (because there aren't too many)!

Love: that I just used the worked engagedversary :)

Love: being engaged...still!

Love: that we are going to check out our first venue this weekend!

Love: that I'm planning a wedding to my best friend!

Love: that I can finally buy bridal magazines...I never did before because I had this horrible feeling that it would jinx my chances of getting engaged...weird I know.

Love: that I'm spending the weekend with my fiance.

Love: that we're thinking of next summer, so it gives us LOTS of time to plan & save!

Love: this website that I stumbled across over at Kate's.

Hate: that the whole wedding planning process is slightly overwhelming...I mean, there are just SO many things to think about...we're trying to just focus on location & date at the moment.

Hate: that weddings are dang expensive!


Katelin said...

Love: you are so cute and basically happy is just flowing from this blog. Definitely a good thing to read on a Friday afternoon.

Happy weekend! :)

Kate said...

Yay for wedding happy :-)
And for love happy :-)

Oh- and double yay for wedding bee and pink and green...

jessica maria said...

I found your blog through Michelle & The City's when she said you were newly engaged - as am I! My two week engagedeversary will be this Friday :) Just saying hi and I will be reading, as I am totes planning right now too!