Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bridezilla makes an appearance

Since I've been planning my wedding in my head for the past, oh...forever, I always thought that I would have a clear idea of what I wanted.

Lately, though, I feel like I've been second guessing myself on everything! It's a little unnerving and starting to stress me out!

We toured a beautiful venue on Sunday and fell in love with it. It's a beautiful restored mansion that's over 100 years old. They have a 'pavilion' which consists of a stationary tent...but not just one of those white tents with metal poles...this one has a gorgeous fabric liner that's gathered at the top with beautiful chandeliers hanging throughout. It's quite elegant for a tent. The ceremony would be outside at their, soon to be built, pergola. They even have a putt putt golf course that our guests could play on during the reception if they don't feel like dancing. I can even imagine having wedding party photos of all of us playing putt putt!

The pricing is in line with other outdoor venues we've looked at and, if anything, is slightly less expensive because we won't have to rent a tent and all linens, tableware, silverware, etc. are included. Plus, we get the bridal suite (which is the whole 3rd floor of the house) over night! This obviously saves on the cost of a hotel room that night.

After we left I called my mom and told her that we found our venue...that this was it.

But now I'm having second thoughts...

One of my main concerns is that the reception has to end at 10pm, which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but in August, the sun won't even set until 9pm or later, and I've always imagined my reception at night with candlelight and maybe even tiki torches. I asked about paying extra to keep the party going longer and was told they do not allow it because of a noise ordinance.

They also do not allow us to bring in our own alcohol, so we have to purchase everything through them. $4.50 per bottle of beer isn't completely out of line, but $23 per bottle of wine? That's a little pricey! We asked if we could choose another type of wine (we are ALL about saving money and going with Charles Shaw!) and we were told that we would have to pay 3 times the amount of the wine plus $1. So that makes our beloved Two Buck Chuck $10 a bottle (but still half the cost of their house wine). And when I asked about a signature cocktail I was told that we could do it, but when I emailed yesterday to get pricing, I was told that they do not have hard alcohol and that we could do a belini (champagne & peach nectar)...neither of us like champage, so that doesn't really work. I guess we could just skip the signature cocktail, as most of the other venues I had been looking at didn't allow hard alcohol even though I'd had my heart set on one, I had already come to terms with the fact that it might not happen.

Maybe I'm just being fickle...but I don't like this feeling of indecisiveness!

Am I being ridiculous? Or is this what happens when you're planning the most important day of your life?


Thanks to k who sent me this link, I was able to calculate that the sun would set at approximately 8:33pm on our wedding date! I'm feeling a little better now!


k said...

are most guests going to stay at a hotel nearby? does it have a bar/lounge? you could continue the party there. or my friends rented out a (conference-like)room at their hotel and had a bar set up and just had an after party with music and drinking games.

I just checked, depending on when in August, the sun could set as early as 7:50:

mind sharing where the place is?

(i was at a function at the waterfront marriot a few weeks ago and had to pay $8 for a glass of columbia crest wine - that is what a $10 bottle of wine. they rob you on such things!)

Marriage-101 said...

I second guessed myself on everything too, so don't worry, it's normal. It's the most important day of your life thus far! You obviously want to make it special.

So sad about no signature cocktail...maybe you could have one for a bridal shower or bachelorette party?

janet said...

hmmmm that's a tough call! I guess it also depends on what your other options are. Every venue will have some plusses and some minuses, unfortunately.

Rachel said...

I don't think that you're being ridiculous at all...There are definitely pros and cons to every location and at some point you just have to go with the one with the most pros over cons. Good Luck with your decisions!

jessica lynn said...

our wedding reception will be ending at 10pm too. like you i was SO obsessed with the fact that 10pm was TOO early. However, i'm starting to come to terms with it. I'm hoping that people will stay for almost the whole reception since it ends earlier. best of luck with all of your wedding planning! thanks for your comment on my blog :)