Thursday, April 17, 2008

comparing our options

After yesterday's post, I thought a little more about my 'predicament' and realized that part of my uneasiness is coming from the fact that we've only visited a total of 4 venues. One was WAY out of our budget (how does a food of beverage minimum of $11,000 sound?), one was a public park that wouldn't be very 'private' and had very little parking and the other was a frontrunner until we found this place and would save on renting a tent.

One of the places I found at the Wedding Expo a few weeks ago is the Landmark Convention Center in downtown Tacoma. My sister has attended quite a few weddings there and said it is nice. I was mostly interested in the Garden Ballroom with the Rooftop Garden Deck. Having the reception here would definitely change the dynamic of the's much more formal than an outdoor area...but formal is not necessarily a deal breaker. We didn't really consider visiting because we weren't sure we wanted to be confined to one room as opposed to a big open outdoor area.

Well, I got a letter in the mail the other day that was congratulating me for winning the drawing for a free room rental. This would save us a considerable amount of money and allow us to put it toward other things...such as my s'mores burners or possibly a photobooth!

We're going to try to take a look at it in person this Sunday. I hope all goes well!


k said...

I've been to a wedding there! It was nice. It was an afternoon wedding of an older couple so a different atmosphere than yours, but I think it would be nice.

Katelin said...

oh i hope it works out!

Rachel said...

Good Luck checking it out! Let us know how it goes!