Thursday, May 01, 2008

oh honey(bucket)

Last weekend my mom, sister and I went to check out another wedding venue. It was actually the grand opening of a brand new venue in Puyallup (which is about 20-30 minutes away from Tacoma, where my family and I live). Construction wasn't quite complete on the waterfalls, but the venue itself was quite beautiful and I could definitely see the vision of what they are still working on. The rental rate was along the same lines as other places I've seen and the layout of the property was really nice. I was thinking to myself that I'd have to bring Jason out to check this place out.

Then I found out...

...that they don't have bathrooms!

They are going to rent port-a-potties!


I'm not trying to be a snob or anything, but I just think that is really tacky for a wedding. We actually went to a wedding last summer and they had port-a-potties and I was appauled! I couldn't believe it! I got dressed up for their wedding and then I had to pee into a hole? All the while holding my dress up and hoping it didn't 'touch' anything?!?! YUCK!

For us, no bathrooms is a deal breaker.

So, we are touring 3 more places this weekend. Hopefully they all have real working bathrooms with flushing toilets!!


Michelle & the City said...

ok what?! porta potties. that is messed up!!

Katelin said...

Okay seriously? Wow. That's crazy. I can't believe they want people, all dressed up, to get into porta potties, ew ew ew.