Thursday, May 01, 2008

ww update

Oh yeah...I forgot to mention that I lost 2.8 lbs last week! My total for the 2 weeks I've been on WW is 3.6!

I'm pretty happy with that! I've been really good this week and don't plan to really 'splurge' again until Cinco de Mayo. My WW buddy and her fiance and Jason and I are doing homemade Mexican on Monday night (after our weigh-in) so that we can easily count points.

But believe me...I AM having chips (real ones...not those cardboardy baked ones) and a margarita or 2!


k said...


i looooooooove margaritas.

Kate said...

Good work!! I think I need some of your willpower!

Rachel said...

Congrats on losing the weight! That's great! I'm SO jealous!