Tuesday, July 08, 2008

fat tuesday

Since Tuesdays are my weigh in day for WW, I thought I'd start a new weekly post appropriately titled "Fat Tuesday"!  

After drinking my weight in beer this weekend and eating enough Doritos to nourish a small
village, I had to go to my weigh in tonight.  Believe me...I was nervous!

Well, apparently when I stress the most is when I lose more than usual!  I was down 2 more pounds this week!

This weeks loss: 2 lbs
Total loss: 13 lbs


In other blog news, have you seen this new website called Wordle?  No fewer than 3 of the blogs I subscribe to had links to it yesterday, so I thought I'd post about it too! 

It's actually a pretty cool site.  You can put in any combination of words, or type in your blog url and it makes a word cloud that you can then customize with various fonts, colors and layouts.  

Here's Moments of a Blonde "wordled"!


Katelin said...

congrats on the weight loss! i'm always afraid that after a weekend of going out i'll put on so much weight, oy.

and wordle, so cool.

Rachel said...

That's exciting..I've only lost two lbs so far, but I'm gaining muscle, so I think that I'm doing good. :)

janet said...


This brings up my own guilt for many reasons, but really I am so happy for you!