Wednesday, July 09, 2008

a sweet dress for a sweet price

How freaking cute is this dress?

I was downtown today running a work errand and looked up and saw this dress hanging in the window of Ann Taylor. I quickly ran across the street to check it out and, as luck would have it, they had my size.

Plus, it was on sale...HUGE sale...originally $148 marked down to $69.99! What a steal! I'm thinking of wearing it to my friend's rehearsal dinner (now that I don't have to find a dress for the wedding itself).

I do have to ask for some advice though...what kind of shoes should I wear?

*Just for clarification...the sash is not as red as it appears in this's more of a bright pink!


Katelin said...

okay i love it. that dress is incredibly cute. i would maybe say some black peep toes? or some strappy black ones. but seriously, freaking love it.

janet said...

bright pink shoes! YOU MUST!

Mrs Pop said...


I would wear either black, white, or gold strappy sandals...

heather lauren said...

I say match the sash. Go bold!