Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fat tuesday

Yeah, I've been a bad blogger...not posting...not commenting...not even reading!  I'm sorry!  This summer has been SO busy and we're starting to get back into the wedding planning.  More on that tomorrow.

This past weekend was my friend K's bachelorette party...it included a day of wine tasting in Woodinville and then a night of music at Chopstix piano bar.  It was a blast, but my gut was NOT happy with me on Sunday.  After tasting at least 15 wines, 3 pieces of pizza and some late night CHEESE FRIES, I was not planning on losing any weight this week.  

Well, my theory of having a loss after a gain held true.  I lost 1.4 this week!  Now if I can just lose 1.2 this coming week, I will be at a total loss of 15 lbs!!!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

This week's loss: -1.4
Total loss: 13.8


Katelin said...

woo hoo, you're almost there! :)

k said...

you've got to splurge sometimes! and wine is good for the heart! congrats on the continued weight gain.

janet said...

jenni - you are doing great! sending over lots of cheesy high-fives :)