Thursday, July 24, 2008

a picture's worth a thousand words

Last Sunday we met with our first photographers.

The first one was a husband/wife team whose web portfolio I've been drooling over since I went to the wedding expo in April! They are definitely on the HIGH end of our photography budget, but we still decided to meet with them anyway.

What a disappointment.

We only met with the wife and she just made us feel uncomfortable. First of all, we met at their "home" studio, so just to start off it was kind of awkward. What really sealed it for us though was that she was very quiet and didn't really tell us anything about them! She showed us some albums and gave us a price list. And, after looking through the albums I wasn't nearly as impressed as I had been previously.

So we left there a little discouraged.

Our second appointment was with Jenny GG. I've heard really good things about her on The Knot bulletins. I had talked to her a few days prior on the phone and she was SUPER nice, so that was encouraging.

Anyway, we met her at Starbucks - a totally "neutral" place and she was GREAT! We loved her personality...she is probably one of the nicest people I've EVER met! And her prices are SO affordable!

We haven't officially decided if we're going with her yet, as we have a few others to interview, but she's DEFINITELY on the short list!

So, what would you say is the most important thing when it comes to photography (and the photographer)?

I should have elaborated a little more on what kind of package we would be getting with Jenny. It includes FULL wedding day coverage (up to 14 hours!), an engagement session (3-4 hours!), DVD's of each session (wedding & engagement) with high resolution images that are ours to use however we want (print, post, etc.), an online gallery/slideshow with online ordering for our friends & family, a photography assistant (who also takes photos), an album, some prints (which seems to be uncommon with most of the othe photographers I've researched), a $300 credit toward additional prints, albums, etc....AND, if we book her before September 30, we save $250! What a STEAL! :) Oh yeah...and did I mention we LOVED her personality?!


Carrisa said...

I can tell you that no matter what anyone says, it's important to have a good photographer. It's all you have left once the day is over. I say go with someone who shoots digital and will give you all the photos on a disc. That way you can go back and order whatever you want.

Elsie said...

My biggest thing was that they were nice and that they had an eye for the unexpected to capture special moments unnoticed. Good luck with your selection. I also got all my photos on disk which was great. Unfortunately I am in Boston or I would have recommended her :(

Katelin said...

i've yet to get married but i would think that when choosing a photographer that they would have be able to have fun with you and get to know you and what sort of pictures you would like would be the priority.

good luck!