Monday, August 04, 2008


Tomorrow my stepdad will be 49. His birthday is August 5, and our wedding next summer is August 8...which doesn't leave much room for a 50th birthday party. So, my mom decided to throw him a surprise 49th birthday party!

She told him it was an engagement party for Jason and I so that he would help her get the house and yard straightened up. It was pretty funny...he was really into making sure that "our" party was great.

I even wrote a poem for the invitation:

J.R. will soon be 50
Of this he is aware
And we wanted to surprise him
With all of you folks there.

But our daughter’s getting married
In August of next year
So a 49th birthday bash it is
With lots of food and beer!

So keep mum, don’t let it slip
On him we hope it doesn't dawn
We’ve told him it’s an engagement party
With hopes he’ll mow the lawn!

To get him out of the house, Jason took him to get some beer growlers filled at a local brewery. They were gone for about an hour and as soon as they left it was like a mad dash to get all the "birthday" paraphenalia out. My mom and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

Anyway, when he got home he was SO surprised! It was great. There were a few moments when we thought he was on to us, but he wasn't. It was such a fun party! Even if I did have a few too many drinks...and was nursing a nasty hangover yesterday. Totally worth it though!

Happy Birthday J.R.!