Tuesday, September 23, 2008

book a photographer...check!

We can officially cross one more MAJOR item off our wedding checklist.

We found our photographer....Jenny GG.  I mentioned her before, after we met with her the first time, and I can honestly say I can't WAIT to work with her!  Her pictures are great and her personality is awesome.

We have our engagement pictures scheduled for October 18.  I know it's awhile before our actual wedding, but fall is my favorite season, so I really wanted some fall pics.  Jenny is so great and really willing to work with her clients...we are meeting her at 3pm and she told us not to make plans that night!  Most of the other photographers I found only included a 1 hour e-pic session!

I'm super excited and can't wait to go shopping for some new 'e-pic' outfits! 


Katelin said...

yay for a photographer. and fall pictures are awesome, can't wait to see them!

Kate said...

Ooh! Exciting, can't wait for pics!