Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fat tuesday

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Ok, so life has been crazy busy lately, hence the lack of blog posts, but I still have not missed ONE Weight Watcher meeting!  Tonight was no different.

I've been stuck in a rut lately between a total loss of 13 and 15 pounds.  My dad told me I should eat high protein and less than 70 g of carbs for 2 days and it would break my plateau.

Well, what do you know...Dad was right!

This week's loss: -2.2
Total loss: 17.8

I can't believe I'm only 2.8 lbs away from 20 lbs!!!  I have never stuck with it this long...I guess a wedding on the horizon is just the motivation I needed!


Katelin said...

congrats! that is so exciting!

Playful Professional said...

I am so impressed. I'm starting WW this week and hope it works for me!

steph anne said...

i found you from 20somethings website. i'm planning my wedding too and trying to lose some pounds (although i wish i could lose a lot before then!)

good luck with planning your wedding & losing weight.

-steph (http://www.fridayglamour.com/blog) and (http://20somethings.ning.com/profile/stephanne)

Kate said...

Nice work on the weight loss! I'm SO failing,so I'm going to have to go back to religious use of fitday. It's getting close, and I still feel like a complete heifer!

The Mrs said...

Wow great job on losing your weight before your wedding! I wish I would have known about WW before I got married I gained 10 from dating and 20 after the wedding, oops! It's all gone now but I am still working on college weight now. Check out my blog, I just started posting daily WW tips.
I am very impressed you are going to all the meeting as well, I think I need to pop into one this week.