Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sex sells...coffee?

Living in the Seattle area, coffee is a HUGE part of my life.  You can get a latte anywhere around here - whether Starbucks, Tully's, Bigfoot Java or some other small independent stand.  

In the last year or so I started noticing signs for "Bikini Baristas" at various stands around town.  I wasn't quite sure I had read the sign correctly, and was surprised when I saw that the baristas in these booths were actually wearing bikinis...in the middle of winter!  Brrr!  While I was surprised by this, and maybe a little disappointed that girls would want to subject themselves to this, I really didn't think much of it.

Well...some of the local coffee stands have taken the "Bikini Barista" idea to a whole NEW level.  There are at least 2 coffee stands within 1/4 mile from each other on a busy highway that now boast that they have "Sexy Pasties Baristas".  


Are you kidding me?  Is this real?

Yes, I am sad to say it is real.  Jason and I happened to drive past one of these stands last Friday night and there was a LINE of at least 5 cars waiting to catch a peek at a boob while getting a latte.  The girls who work at these stands LITERALLY only wear stickers on their nipples!  Is that even legal?  Couldn't this be considered indecent exposure?

Is this really what our world is coming to?  Maybe I'm just an old prude, but I think this is SO completely inappropriate and wrong!  I never in a million years would have thought serving coffee could become a step toward stripping!  

Does anyone else think this is ridiculous?  Is this something that has spread across the country yet?  Or am I lucky enough to live in an area that finds this acceptable?


Megan said...

Maybe I am a big prude, too, but this sounds pretty unappetizing. Having put in some time at the 'Bucks while I was in college, I imagine that I would feel pretty unsafe with all that potentially-scalding liquid so near to my...business. Shouldn't OSHA be on this?

emily said...

That sounds gross. But lucrative given that boys like boobs, generally speaking. But not for the baristas themselves, they prob only make minimum wage.

I think it's taking it too far personally. I'd hope it's in a kid-free area. Cause you can bet I'd raise a ruckus if I had to explain to my kids why that girl's not wearing clothes.

There used to be Bikini Cuts stores here. The girls wore bikinis while they cut hair. I think they closed them b/c of all the complaints. Not sure though.

Seann said...

The coffee stand next to Lynnwood tattoo is XXX - nude girls. You know the world is sick when you see signs that say "family friendly coffee stand"! Very sad.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I saw this on TV and thought it was pretty crude but I have to admit they're onto something that clearly makes people want for more...I don't condone such places and AM a prude in a lot of ways so it's sad to me that these facilities exist let alone thrive...

Jenny GG said...

i have two words.

ewww and unsanitary.

s'all i'm sayin'

hFr said...

adorable blog!

I'm in NC and there is nothing like that here that I know of...at least yet!

Congrats on your engagement! Im planning my wedding too and have enjoyed reading about your wedding plans!

when is your big day?

jane in the waiting line said...

That is absolutely ridiculous! I cannot believe that is legal, and I do not think I am prude at all. I mean even the hooters girls where shorts AND a shirt!

Angela said...

Serving coffee in a bikini?! OMG THE PAIN! I was an early morning truckstop waitress for three years and so hauled gallons and gallons of coffee in my career. No matter how good you are (I was terrible), you're still going to have droplets of splashing. Scalding coffee on: boobs? gut? legs? OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW