Friday, February 13, 2009

love/hate (the unemployment edition)

Love: getting paid weekly!

Hate: that those weekly paychecks are considerably less than I'm used to.

Love: having lots of free time for going to the gym.

Hate: with the amount of free time I've had to work out, I should be stick thin by now.  I have lost a total of 1 lb! (I am, however, feeling more fit)

Love: wedding planning is like my full time job now!

Hate: planning a wedding is stressful...and even more so when you have no money!

Love: not having to get up at the crack of dawn every day to go to work.

Hate: that I can't get up earlier than 8:30am anymore...even with an alarm.

Love: my new founds friends - Kathie Lee & Hoda, Ellen and Bonnie!

Hate: ugh...I watch WAY to much TV now!

Love: I was able to pick up where I left off 8 years ago with Days of Our Lives!

Hate: I am actually watching soap operas again!!!  YIKES!

Love: Valentine's Day is tomorrow!

Hate: Jason has to work tomorrow! 

Love: we just celebrated our 1 year engageversary last Sunday!

Hate: with the down economy, my lack of employment and money not growing on trees...we have downgraded our honeymoon from Mexico to the Oregon Coast.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Oregon's beautiful and super romantic...but I have to say that it's not quite where I imagined spending my honeymoon...

Love: we are staying at a really nice luxurious place right on the beach with a hot tub on the balcony.  Maybe I shouldn't complain...

Love: the book I am currently reading Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster.  It is hilarious!

Love: your comments!


Playful Professional said...

You're always so positive in such hard times. Hope it all gets better.

Katy said...

just ran across your blog from 20something bloggers. So cute!!! I'm going to have keep reading! ;-)

Rachel H. said...

Planning a wedding is stressful and like a job...why don't you make it one? That's what I'm going to do...

Kyla said...

Love your blog :)

Good luck with the wedding planning!!

Laura Elizabeth Huse said...

I love this post...I can relate, I'm unemployed right now and totally have a love/hate relationship with the whole situation! Good luck in the wedding planning!