Monday, March 16, 2009

tomorrow is the big day!

No...not that big day...our wedding isn't until August.

I start my new job tomorrow! I've never really been excited to start a job...well I shouldn't say that...but I'm usually much more anxious and nervous. This time, I'm really not nervous. I'm just excited! I can't wait to have a job again! I can't wait to go to work and have a work space and feel like I'm doing something other than watching TV all day! I'm seriously stoked!

I've been contemplating what I'll wear tomorrow since they offered me the job. I had a few ideas in mind and was trying to include some green...seeing that it is St. Patrick's Day and all.

Well, I got a call today from my new boss and he said that because of the holiday they are having a casual day tomorrow and that I can wear jeans! Woot! This makes my choice of outfit much easier - cute dark jeans, green sweater and black heels.

In honor of St. Patrick they are also having a pot luck lunch. This, I have to say, makes me a bit uncomfortable...I'll definitely take something to contribute, but these kinds of social events are awkward when you're the new person.

Anyway, besides the whole pot luck thing, I can't wait!

Wish me luck!


jane in the waiting line said...

have a great first day at the new job!

janet said...

how was it? I was thinking of you!

Caity said...

How'd the first week go?

Greg said...

Work must have been tough because you haven't been back to blog since! :)