Saturday, June 20, 2009

and so we begin the 7 week countdown!

We only have 7 weeks left until the big day.


With all of our vendors booked (and awaiting their final payments) we’re working on the final details…which seem to be the most tedious and time consuming.

Programs – my mom keeps asking why we even need them… I can’t imagine not having them. I’ve come up with a simple design that shouldn’t be too hard to assemble…the real problem is what to put on them. Any suggestions?

Favor Tags – They’re designed, I just need to buy paper for them, print them and punch them out…they are going to be little round tags that just say Jason & Jenni Better Together and the date. Sounds easy enough, right? Well my printer is out of ink and I keep forgetting to go to the office store…

Card Box – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to Ross or Marshall’s and found really cute black, white & pink damask boxes that would be PERFECT for a card box at the wedding. Have I bought any of those boxes? Of course not! I always thought I’d find something better… Now I’m sure I won’t be able to find what I want.

Bridesmaid Accessories – I’ve nixed my original necklace idea. When my sister’s got their dresses and tried on the strand of black beads as a necklace it didn’t look as good as it did in my head… Back to square one.

Besides the outstanding projects that I keep thinking about, I have to say that things have gone pretty smoothly and I’m really excited for August! Our wedding coordinator, Bobbi Roth, keeps assuring me that all will be great and every time I meet with her and go over stuff I feel relieved.

So while I feel like I’m stressed to the max and can’t sleep at night…when I step back and look at all I’ve accomplished and what’s left, I realized that I really do have a firm handle on everything.

Ok…enough talking about what I need to do…now I’ve got to DO IT!


Rachel H. said...

It'll all work out and come together perfectly in the end. Don't stress too much and remember when it finally arrives that you have done all you can, so don't stress and just relax.

Bobbi said...

Your day WILL be fabulous, Jenni!!

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