Wednesday, June 24, 2009

are you coming to our wedding? please send us your RSVP!!!

The invitations went out before Labor Day. A total of 86 in all. (I know, I know...I need to post some pics...I promise I will soon!)

We have only gotten 33 RSVP’s back.

What is the deal? I know they aren’t due until the first of July (and I did send them out a little early), but why procrastinate?

When I get an invitation I send back the RSVP immediately. I don’t want to keep the inviter waiting. So why, my dear friends & family, are keeping me sitting on the edge of my chair? I want to know if you are coming so I can highlight your name in pink on my list and get an idea of just how close to capacity we are going to be.

Please don’t keep me waiting…pretty please!


Rachel H. said...

This happened to me too...I didn't get many of them back at all, but don't worry, because I called every single person who didn't send the response card back. It's ridiculous!

Carina the Blogarina said...

Waiting is boring, you are probably excited to get starte don the planning as well. Seating arranemgents and so on.

Since july 1st has apssed now I hope you got the all, a didn't have to call around as Racheal H had to :)

harada57 said...
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